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9|4|0|3.5   The Gecko from Elevation Disc Golf is their newest disc in the lineup and is a floppy, overstable fairway driver that, like other Elevation discs is made to stick wherever it lands when it hits the ground. This run came out extra flat and even puddle topped, which make them a great subsitution for discs like the Firebird or Raptor on shots where you don't want any chance of a skip or rollaway. The ecoFlex plastic is made from recycled per-consumer medical gloves, so try a great disc and help out the environment at the same time!8|5|-1|1 The Binx from Elevation Disc Golf is a fairway driver good for forehands and backhands that, when thrown flat, flies straight before fading gently and grabbing the ground wherever it hits. Floppy discs are made to minimize ground play on tough greens like hills and areas with close proximity to water and other hazards. The OG plastic, as the name suggests, is their original silicone plastic blend that feels great and offers beautiful color combos. Pick one up and Elevate your game by stopping those pesky skips and rollaways in their tracks!

OG Binx

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