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12|4|0|4   Commemorate the first run of a brand new mold in the mint colored K1 plastic! The Krut from Kastaplast is their latest release and a highly overstable distance driver similar to in flight but slower than the Rask in their lineup. It will glide straight a bit before fading hard, which makes it a great choice for fighting headwinds over the Guld. The Swedish word "Krut" translates to "gunpowder" in English, which signifies the power this disc can handle. K1 plastic is their premium blend similar to Star/ESP, so it offers solid durability and superior grip for the hot summer rounds ahead. The mints never last long, so grab one to throw or collect before they're gone for good!

Note: Due to the softness of the plastic, there could be very minor scuffing but nothing serious.

First Run K1 Krut

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