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2|4|0|1.5   Celebrate Halloween season with the new James Conrad "Wolfman" R2 Eclipse Nomad! The Nomad is a slightly stable putter and was the first addition to James Conrad's own line of discs. R2 Eclipse plastic is recycled, and the rim will glow blue under a UV light, which looks sweet! Commemorate spooky season and support a fan favorite player by grabbing one of these. Disclaimer: R2 plastic is very soft, so there may be minor scuffing from transport. While not ideal, almost every one of these no matter where you find them will have very minor cosmetic issues. Unlike the Craves, which have slightly different rim colors, every one of our Halloween Nomads looks identical, so this one photo is a very accurate representation of what you will recieve. 

Halloween Conrad R2 Eclipse Nomad

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